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I believe it is called a neck tie.
He might be with Capone in AC. That would be interesting.
You buy Charvet shirts and use a laundromat? Nothing personal, I used a laundromat for years, but wasn't spending as much on my shirts then. As stated above, if they are smalll holes and there is no tearing, then the fabric will relax and the holes will disappear. I have never heard of holes as you describe in the shoulder, though. Odd.
I would disagree with this. So there is some doubt.
Has he looked at Wolverine?
What do you mean by flap? It may be a pocket. Look for a zipper or opening hidden beneath the nap. Pics? And if it's shearling, the wool isn't lining. It's the other side of the hide on the outside. Very soft and basically a fur.
Are you sure it's not shearling? A lot of their stuff is and is quite pricy. EDIT: Here's an old thread with a lot of info:
More a matter of the clothes you will be wearing underneath than the coat, per se. I'm going to take a flyer and say Doc Martens.
The fact that they are called "desert boots" might help inform his choice. That said, crepe soles are actually pretty long wearing and suede does better in the wet than most people think, particularly if you use a protectant spray. I wouldn't want to be trudging around in the snow in those, though, and they won't be particularly warm. Are they even lined?
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