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You shouldn't have worn a "proscribed" outfit. I finally got a call about a month ago but couldn't make any of the days they needed me.
Look here for Barbour online: I think Brooks Brothers sells quilted jackets as well.
Another extra inning win! The madness continues.
If your eyes don't match, why would you match everything else?
You're not going to find bespoke in that price range generally. At the top end, you might be able to get measured for a WW Chan when they visit DC in November: You should get at least one fitting so your suit will take awhile.
Looks really nice Patek. Does this guy have a web presence? I can't seem to find him.
Evolve already, please? Here's mine from Black Sheep Ltd. :
It's a suit jacket.
The holes may go away as the fabric relaxes, but that is idiotic.
I don't understand how too much black shoe cream would strip the color from the shoe. It should be the opposite.
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