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$500 for a quality MTM cashmere/silk blend? Pray tell, where?
Not true. We have everything from die-hard thrifters to guys with closets full of bespoke on here. Wool fedoras don't last, however, and can't even be worn in the rain. Check out FL and Ebay for used hats. As Sarge mentioned, the Akubra is probably your best bang for the buck in a new hat.Here's the Hampton for about $120 US shipped although it appears to be on back order:
For under $50? I don't think so. OP, a good fedora is fur felt, not wool, and they cost ~$150 and up new for the likes of Stetson and Dobbs. Check out For knowledge of all things fedora, check out Posters there also sell used hats.I only wear my fur fedoras in the winter with an overcoat.
What a race!
If they lose out, it will still have been a great season. I still think we make the playoffs. I'll be out there tonight. Over 30,000 in attendance yesterday, which was nice to see, but they should be sold out.
Filene's is defunct.
Strangely, this is what I use as well. Seems to match quite nicely.
I thought their tailor was in HK and widely believed to be Peter Lee.
The hunt for orange October! I just got tix for game 2 of the Division Series. I had tickets for the Wild Card game in my basket but tried to get different ones and they were all sold out in 6 minutes.
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