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What kind of jacket? Fabric? If you are talking about a wool sport jacket and the elbows are shiny, it is time to get a new jacket.
1) Spalla camiccia, A technique where a lot of fabric is sewed into a smalll sleeve head creating a rippling effect in the shoulder. 2) Open channel means the stitching on the sole of the shoe is exposed. Heel nails refers to the nails in the heel of a well-made shoe.
I don't think so. Wouldn't you have to re-weave it?
Here you go: http://www.jumpinjammerz.com/dc-comics-pajamas/superman.html
The buckle on your belt does not have to match your watch.
Send it to tiecrafters and see what they can do. How do you accidentally wash a tie?
I wear GIT in spring and summer, Bois in fall and winter as my primary scents.
My cobbler replaces the heel lifts for me, costs about $10. Expert info on heel taps posted today: http://www.styleforum.net/t/240245/b-nelson-does-a-great-job/240#post_5958940
Bris is referring to replacing the rubber heel lifts, not the entire heel. My cobbler charges $10 a pair for this.
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