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Is Self Edge still running a weekly Promo for SF members? and if so what is it this week?
thanks to all, i feel better. says something about this forum when you can get a response in under 24 hrs. i've been smiling about these jeans ever since i got them, for the most part. just always had this little black spot in the lower right area in my head, wondering if i just got a really nice fraud. i will definately post a picture of these in the coming months, these are getting beat, and wearing very well. and now i just need to make it until the 29th so i can...
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya It's not really that it takes LONGER to fade, but it's just harder to destroy the denim and construction of the jean, it would take a longer time for the jeans to look extremely worn in than other well made denim lines.. Kiya, awile back i bought some ironhearts off someone on this forum (bought a used pair to wear during construction work and really see what hard use did for fading), but i have never seen a...
how much?
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