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Anyone interested and in New York should come check out this show next thursday. it should be an interesting show; a chance to see some a wide array of american design. In addition, I have a piece, a croquet set, in the show. so come check it out. Outside of Sorts September 25th - 30th Opening Reception Thursday September 25th, 6-9pm Character, 19 Prince St, NY NY 10012 The American Design Club presents its inaugural exhibition, Outside of Sorts, and bring...
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty Target boxers I couldn't agree more. they are one of the few places that I can still find plain white or blue boxers. and they come 3 in a pack for cheap.
I would go with the original wayfarers instead of the new wayfarer. They are a little less wide, accentuating more of a verticle, rather than horizontal, line in the face. I would get the smaller size in that style as well.
I just saw the new eyeglasses from Super @ Selectism. They are amazing. If the eyeglasses are priced anything like the previous seasons sunglasses they are pretty cheap too. does anyone have any experience with the quality?
this is the first picture I have seen of zac efron where he is not wearing a lot of makeup. chewing toothpicks... the problem is that it is cultivated and costumey, sort of dylan mckay rather than steve mcqueen.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger nothing cooler than having a special prescription that always costs $100+, regardless of where you buy I always just end up buying at Lenscraters. 25% insurance discount, and AAA discount, makes it pretty decent. i buy nos frames on ebay and and at thrift stores, and then have my lenses put in. it usually ends up being about the same price, but without the limits of lenscrafters selection. plus the old...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fashion Savant The least expensive frames that I've bought were a plain black Buddy Holly style that were branded Kenneth Cole. The frame cost $99. I think anything cheaper and you are going find durability issues. kenneth cole isn't exactly known for their quality. qualitywise these are no different than a pair of $30 no brand eyeglasses. They are made by luxottica, like almost every other large brand of...
Quote: Originally Posted by flashback He has always hyped himself up as being better than he really is, and for some reason people have bought into it. Are you serious, you just defined the term MC; gotta fake it til you make it. anyway, jay was just giving noel what he wanted; a little bit of nostalgia to the the mid nineties aka the last time that anyone gave a shit about oasis.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy +1, I'm with you. I think Ferrari is in the right. And, it is no longer a Ferrari. This isn't just cosmetics it has destroyed the function of the automobile. The owner can do whatever he wants. Just take off the badges. exactly, plus anyone that would cut a Ferrari in half and slap in a bunch of sheet metal, should probably be institutionalized.
footlocker has polo shirts that are almost always on sale for dirt cheap (like $3.00 per shirt). I ordered a few when I bought a pair of shoes, but ended up giving them away because the arms were too long. size way down because they are baggy.
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