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Another batch of new options with very limited sizes? Nothing for the US 11.5/12?
Should I size SEA last like Carmina Rain or Simpson?
Do you find the sizing fairly TTS?
I have the opposite problem, I need a 10.5 UK and the ones I wanted weren't available above 9.5, which seems odd to me. I suppose they saved me some money for another purchase.
Do you know the details of the original? I'm open to any last, I suppose, but prefer some type of rubber sole.
Depending on last and sole, I might be interested. 946 last maybe with some type of rubber sole?
I thought it maybe a little narrower than Carmina Rain, but more forgiving than Simpson. Between the two, if that makes sense.
^^^^ Museum calf chukka is a GMTO I could get into.
With Carmina expanding to Barneys and opening a NYC store, I think they're going to have some serious customer service growing pains. The US consumer (myself included) isn't as patient as in Europe, and with their current customer base, they already struggle to answer emails within a week. I love their products, but I expect some issues.
Thank you. I've been looking for a slightly more interesting captoe and I will add Santoni to my search.
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