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In general, I think the Forest lacks the shape that goes into the others, and is maybe a little more "blobby" (still sleek by American standards), so it ends up accommodating anyone.
I have a pair of boots on the forest, but I rarely wear then (very casual), but they fit pretty well, perhaps a bit short in the 10.5UK. I think with the low instep and narrower (than Rain) foot, Simpson may be a good fit for you. Compared to Rain, I feel very comfortable in the toe box, including my aforementioned toe rub issue, which I do not feel at all with the Simpson. I think going a half size larger is a good idea as well. I'll post some pics and measurements later...
I finally got around to wearing my 11UK Simpson lasted austerity brogues, and compared to my 10.5UK rain lasted shoes, I love them. They don't feel as narrow, for some reason, as I anticipated. I feel as though the length is similar, and the fit in the heel is the same. Overall, the Rain 10.5 fits me well, but the 11 Simpson fits me great. My toes splay a bit, so with the Rain I get a tiny bit of rub on my small toe, and I do not experience that in the Simpson last.
Drop to $375
Great, I was not aware of that.
Skoak's price includes shipping (very fast) and there's no duty to the US as long as you stay under $800 (correct me if I wrong on that value). I've had very good experiences with Skoak, and they're very responsive. Quality Shop has Carmina on sale right now, and they're responsive via email. A smaller selection, and their shipping is slow (I'm on 14 days now for an order, and it just now made it to the US, no idea when it will make it to my...
I wear the same size in Rain and have a Simpson Oxford on the way. Perhaps I can offer an opinion shortly. It's my understanding, and I've seen pics that confirm, that Simpson is a bit narrower, a bit shorter, and a bit more tapered, so going up a half size supposedly works. I tried it, we will see.
I am also in the market for a few grenadines. I have a Sam Hober that I bought on B&S here, and it's a great knot. I typically do a FIH with a moderate spread collar, and I'm a bigger guy, so l like a substantial knot. Are there any other places I should check for a larger knot-producing grenadine, or should I just do Sam Hober?
Price drop to $400
I have a pair of the below GMTO EB chukka, in 10.5 UK, new in box, unworn, http://us.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/gmtos/products/pre-order-deposit-enzo-bonafe-unlined-chukka They're really very nice, unlined, lightweight, and incredibly soft. I just happened to acquire something while I waited for delivery that works fine and I've been wearing. I did acquire these at the old, lower Enzo Bonafe price, which is reflected in my asking. I am also willing to consider...
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