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Let us know how that sizing works, I could be an outlier. Enjoy, I love my boots.
No, the opposite. It may vary based on your foot volume, but the usual advice for Carmina Simpson is to only subtract a half size, so 8US=7.5UK in Simpson. If you have low volume feet, perhaps you could do a 7. Unfortunately, I don't have enough experience to give a definitive answer, but I certainly wouldn't go down 1.5.
I agree, but that's the way they feel on my feet. Maybe a bit narrower and more snug than Rain, of which I have both boots and dress shoes. Definitely a little more snug in the toe box than my Rain boots.
After wearing my CS field boots again today, my suggestion is to size them the same as Carmina Simpson, a half size down from brannock.
I've never had any real instep issues, so maybe I can't really offer useful comment. They seem to be somewhere between Carmina and Bonafe on the instep, by a side look. I'd say that and the shaft are fairly generous, and slimmer through the toe box.
Fit: I take a 10.5UK in Carmina rain, which I have been liquidating due to a weird toe rub I get. 11UK in Simpson works pretty well for me. I'm an 11D in Alden Barrie, and 11.5D in most AE lasts. These are 10.5 UK and fit snug all over, but quite well. I have three pair in the 234 last, and this last is a bit more snug and lower profile. It works well for me so far, and my feet were a bit swollen from a long run this afternoon. Look: They have a sleek profile. They...
I just received my Carlos Santos field boots today, opened them up, and fell in love. The proportions are perfect, they're softer than I expected, and I am certain that those of you getting in on the GMTO's are going to be satisfied. I'll try to add a couple pics later, but Skoak does a great job and they're quite accurate in their photos. This is my 4th pair of CS and they're a great value, cheaper than AE for the most part, sleeker and more comfortable.
I assume some type of rubber sole? If so, I might be in.
Shhh. I'm hoping no one sees it until I clear out room for a pair.
Any chance you'd do a tomir sole?
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