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I have the same tie and I'm not terribly impressed. The knot isn't that great. Meh.
I have two pair of CS boots and three pair of dress shoes, including a split toe and a double monk, and the cap toe. The cap toes I wear a lot, and they're breaking in and wearing nicely. I'd prefer rubber soles, which I do have on the split toes, but they really look like they're going to hold up very well, better than some AE I've had in the past. I think the CS look a bit more substantial, maybe a little bulkier than Carmina, of which I have a few. I think that given...
I just bought the below: http://www.rancourtandcompany.com/men-s/ready-made/dayton-boot.html And I'm very satisfied. The suede is soft, they feel lighter on the foot than I expected, and they are free of defects. They're Blake, my first pair of non-Goodyear welded in a while, but I'm very happy and will probably buy another pair.
If I take a U.K. 10.5 in carmina rain, 11 in Simpson, and an 11D is snug in Barrie, should I go 11.5 D in these?
I have the grain field boot, and have worn then quite a bit in the couple weeks I've had them. The soles seem to be wearing fine, similar to dainite I've had before, and the boots are breaking in nicely. I'm going to polish them tomorrow, so I may post a couple pics after. I think in terms of "bang for the buck", they're far better than AE and comparable to Carmina.
@leaves, also, any update on the EB hunter balmoral boot GMTO from April?
Let us know how that sizing works, I could be an outlier. Enjoy, I love my boots.
No, the opposite. It may vary based on your foot volume, but the usual advice for Carmina Simpson is to only subtract a half size, so 8US=7.5UK in Simpson. If you have low volume feet, perhaps you could do a 7. Unfortunately, I don't have enough experience to give a definitive answer, but I certainly wouldn't go down 1.5.
I agree, but that's the way they feel on my feet. Maybe a bit narrower and more snug than Rain, of which I have both boots and dress shoes. Definitely a little more snug in the toe box than my Rain boots.
After wearing my CS field boots again today, my suggestion is to size them the same as Carmina Simpson, a half size down from brannock.
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