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looking to buy pair of APC denim and can;t decide between NS or PS. I would like the fit to be as close as to Dior 21cm. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by nonissue gah, there was one in stock at oi polloi, and i hesitated and now it's gone. does anyone know of any other albam stockists, or is just them and oi polloi? yep, just albam and oipolloi. i found the trail parka to fit big. definitely size down one
Yuketen Mailman Bag Sold LVC 505 now 105USD shipped
Self Edge Voucher - SOLD LVC 1967 505 added
Alot of time wasters so far. Serious buyers contact me Self Edge Credit now 230USD Yuketen Bag now 400USD
Self Edge Credit now 240USD
Final Price Drop on Yuketen Bag Now 270GB (approx 420USD) 270USD Self Edge Credit Available for 160GBP (approx 250USD)
Price drop NOW 280GBP(approx 445USD) shipped worldwide
SHIPPING FROM THE UK PAYPAL GIFT OR ADD 4% References (from last week, more are in the buyers and sellers thread) http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...in#post3629731 http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...in#post3627325 1) LVC 1967 505 - W30L30SOLD Yuketen Mailman Bag in Vintage Peanut SOLD SELF EDGE CREDIT SOLD
Our Legacy Shirt now 90USD LVC now 45USD
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