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there a few nice peices in the collection. varsity jacket, nike x apc and the denim jacket are my picks from the collection. a retailer in london has informed me that the varsity jacket will retail for 175GBP
the corso boots look very nice. I am a big fan of Paul smith shoes and currently own black Ricard and brown York boots. also got a pair of apache trainers but i am moving them on as they are too big .
Kmw Awa Now 140gbp Including Shipping Worldwide PAUL SMITH APACHE TRAINERS ON EBAY http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...=tab%3DSelling
BIG PRICE DROP - GET YOURSELF A BARGAIN 150GBP (approx $210) for KMW AWA - SOLD PENDING PAYMENT - contact me if you are interested, buyer is taking their time with paying. XX007 SOLD PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING WORLD WIDE
Quote: Originally Posted by lovlev bruv why you hemmed those sweet pbj... will it strecth a lot? the inseam will stay the same because they are the one wash version. dont think you could get the inseam any longer if you stretch it. waist should stretch after a few wears.
PRICE DROP 175GBP (approx $255) for KMW AWA 90GBP (approx $130) for XX007 PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING WORLD WIDE quick sale, need the cash
PRICE DROP 190GBP (approx $280) for KMW AWA 100GBP (approx $150) for XX007 quick sale, need the cash
PRICE DROP 200GBP (approx $300) for KMW AWA 110GBP (approx $160) for XX007
PRICE DROP $325 for KMW AWA $180 FOR PBJ XX007
ALL PRICES IN GBP ALL ITEMS SHIPPED FROM UK PRICE INCLUDE SHIPPING and PAYPAL FEES PAYPAL ONLY ALL MEASUREMENTS DONE VIA BiG Method Shipping will be done by method below http://www.royalmail.com/portal/rm/j...eyname=AIRSURE Pure Blue Japan XX007 Size 29 One Wash -- SOLD KMW AWA 29x32 - SOLD
New Posts  All Forums: