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http://www.spoonitaly.com/store/en/101-aldenStore based in italy, don't know whether they will mark down or remove VAT for non EU customers.
just saw these boots online but not sure what type of leather is used. thanks
does anyone remember when the webstore went to 50% last winter? looking to get a couple of items that are still in stock but don't know whether to wait
can anyone comment whether it is worth getting the wool serge bedford? i already have the whipcord version from last a/w and can't decide whether to go for the wool serge and/or the 24oz melton wool version
Visvim Minie Hunting Sz 1 item located in london will be shipped with tracking price includes paypal fees and shipping Just got this in but it does not suit me. Inspired by traditional outdoor apparel and functional details applied to garments used for a variety of countryside persuits, the Visvim Minie Hunting Jacket is constructed with a 100% cotton shell, and a tonal collar in a hemp blend mountain corduroy, cut with deep grooves. Featuring a Riri zip closed chest...
Paypal fees included Shipping anywhere is a flat 20GBP extra All items will be shipped form London, UK Burberry Brit XS Bought this a couple of years ago but it doesn't get much wear. Only worn a few times each season. Retail was around £500 Fits mid thigh length for me. This is over dyed so it has a worn effect on the seams. Check lining and faded/worn effect lining underneath the collar Measurements (suitable for xs/s) Shoulder to Shoulder - 16.5 P2P - 19 BL from...
Payment via paypal gift or add 4% Shipping from the UK Shipping including tracking included Just got this in from Drinkwaters but it fits slightly bigger than previous versions Looking to get back as much as possible same as below http://indigoandcotton.com/engineered-garments-bedford-jacket-grey-all-wool-herringbone/ Measurements In inches S2S - 17 P2P - 19 BL - 25.5 S2C - 23
need some sizing advice I'm i right in thinking that a 6.5D Trublance is just slightly wider than a 6.5D barrie but the length is the same? thanks
Please add 4% to paypal payment or send as gift I am shipping from London, UK Price includes shiping (20USD) ebay feedback - http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/amin_is/ Patrik Ervell Standard Button Down from A/W12 Size XS Grey Worn once for a couple of hours. Needs an iron Measurements Shoulder to Shoulder - 17 pit to Pit - 19.5 shoulder to cuff - 24.5 BL - 27.5
need some advice regarding shoe care. I have got a few pairs of aldens now, should i have a separate brush & cloth for each pair for buffing? I have got black, color 8, ravello and cigar so far thanks for the help
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