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Indeed it is... Got me thinking...
+1,000 on clarification, gentlemen.
+1 on enjoyment-1,000 on the notion of perfection.
Another week, another city. CBD for client meeting today. Suit and shirt: From Naples. Tie: Vanda Fine Clothing. Suspenders (not shown): Liverano & Liverano Pocket square: cotton napkin from some bar Socks: I forgot but it was from The Armoury Shoes: Bespoke Gaziano & Girling
DonCologne, details on the tie please. Great colours all round.
Thanks. This was the Rubinacci house-fabric, the summer hopsack. I don't know who makes it.
Too much talk. Not enough porn. I will fix. Dining at a private kitchen in Hong Kong... Three amigos Two snobs One weirdo One vintage Snob had its own wine Sexy back Another sexy back
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