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Double Trouble Wednesday - DB with Double four-in-hand Deets in my IG. @Claghorn - Happy now?
I think there is too much emphasis on matchy matchy rather than achieving balance and cohesion. Sometimes it makes sense to pop some colour while other times, subtly is required.Personally, I can't be bothered fussing over what pops or not so I rather aim for balance and cohesion. I've found that @TweedyProf, @Claghornand @UrbanComposition consistently achieve this balance.
I'm lagging behind on what I am wearing...
Been lurking heaps and have enjoyed the Nato strap bonanza and some of the lovely APs, ALs and Pateks on display. Thought I'd better contribute and throw in a few Panerai's into the mix.
It's been a while... Apologies for the poor resolution.
Had a great fitting with Gennaro on Saturday. So far I received a navy DB sports coat and a three piece suit. However, both needed some adjustments, primarily due to my shifting body weight. Here's the latest commission, a DB flannel suit. More on Instagram
Agreed. He does cut things a little narrower.
A mystery bespoke tailor will be revealed on my Instagram account @gazman70k. Drop by and subscribe.
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