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Amar, would love to see more of the suit. Any chance of a full body shot?
Casual Monday at the Qantas lounge. Bye Sydney... Jacket: Rubinacci bespoke Shirt: Barba RTW Pocket Square: E.G Cappelli Jeans: Indigo Farm x The Armoury Shoes: Vass suede chukka Belt:I Micio, bespoke Socks: Paul Smith Watch: Romain Gauthier Bag: Tumi ballistic canvas Carry on: Rimowa for Lufthansa
The Ferrier is actually the tourbillon. I prefer the micro-rotor too, especially the rose gold grey dial combination.Sharing some 47mm love...
No entiendo lo que esta diciendo.
This was a CMT shirt. Unfortunately the cloth was an odd left over length that i found at a cloth distributor in HK. I am actually trying to track down old style flannel shirting for a special project.
One is never too old for denim. Streetwear definitely but never denim
Friday to Saturday transformation... Click here for more details.
Rarely post over here but let's give this streetwear thing a go... Layering up for a wet and chilly Saturday in Sydney The layers... 10 year old t-shirt Bespoke flannel shirt from Naples American Giant heavy full zip hoodie in heather grey Levi's Type III trucker Issey Miyaki Men knitted headwear Pure Blue XX-005 Bespoke belt by Il Micio, Florence Vass suede chukka, U-last, norwegian stitching, Vibram sole PAM372 on a Ted Su vintage WWII Swiss ammo pouch leather...
Thank youGreat seeing you at lunch. Looking forward to your HK visit.Thank you. I slouch when I sit.Perhaps you should.Long time no see. Catch you in Shanghai?
Wet and miserable in Sydney. Great tweed weather! Suit: Bespoke from Florence. Fabric: London Lounge Agnelli Tweed. Shirt: Bespoke from Naples Tie: Vanda Fine Clothing Scarf: Loro Piana Socks: From the Armoury Shoes: Il Micio, Florence (wrong shoes for the weather... ) Breakfast with NabilMust (great watch!)
New Posts  All Forums: