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From David's interview with Luca: LR: The first step for a young tailor is to do alterations. The last thing they will learn is how to make a jacket... So for the first couple of years, they only do alterations. When they're very good with alterations, they will start playing with jackets. They start out by making clothes for the family. This suit I'm wearing now was made by one of our young tailors, and he was very happy that I wore his jacket at Pitti. After they make...
He didn't say. I didn't ask. It was not important enough of a detail for me.
Finally met Gennaro Paone and his nephew Raffaele at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental today with Maomao. Two wonderful gentlemen. Low key and humble, both made quick work of my measurements. Very impressed that he recognised the jacket he measured me for last April when i visited Rubinacci in Naples. Ordered a winter weight H Lesser navy serge DB blazer in "stilo classico Napolitano". Left it to Gennaro to interpret what that means. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take...
I shall be there in my finest Rubinacci, that may or may not have been cut by Genarro.
Very excited that Genarro is heading to HK. Can't wait to check out the trunk show. Stay tune for photos!
Amar, would love to see more of the suit. Any chance of a full body shot?
Casual Monday at the Qantas lounge. Bye Sydney... Jacket: Rubinacci bespoke Shirt: Barba RTW Pocket Square: E.G Cappelli Jeans: Indigo Farm x The Armoury Shoes: Vass suede chukka Belt:I Micio, bespoke Socks: Paul Smith Watch: Romain Gauthier Bag: Tumi ballistic canvas Carry on: Rimowa for Lufthansa
The Ferrier is actually the tourbillon. I prefer the micro-rotor too, especially the rose gold grey dial combination.Sharing some 47mm love...
No entiendo lo que esta diciendo.
This was a CMT shirt. Unfortunately the cloth was an odd left over length that i found at a cloth distributor in HK. I am actually trying to track down old style flannel shirting for a special project.
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