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I know... . I believe Bijan made it?Btw, Isn't there some competition were posters partner up and... Oh never mind.
It's been a while between posts. Finally, a new arrival. I placed this order during the 2012 trip - a three-piece suit inbound from Florence. The cloth is the London Lounge RAF Blue PoW (LLBR09). This was a bit of a marathon. It took over 24-months with three fitings (two in Japan during 2013 and one back in Florence earlier this year). The three-piece was inspired by this. More to come... Gaz
Suit: Rubinacci house hopsack. Navy blue micro houndstooth. Shirt: Francesco Merolla Tie: Tom Ford PS: Zegna Shoes: Stefano Bemer for Valextra
I recall having this discussion before. Didn't really see an issue with a three piece Fresco. Just went for versatile travel suit. I have another three piece comissioned in the London Lounge PoW Brisa. That should be interesting.Lost about 12kgs. Damn stubborn Neapolitan and Florentine tailors kept cutting tight fits. Decided that it was far easier to loose weight than to convince them in broken Italian that I wanted a fuller cut. When are you back in town?
Thank you all! Should clarify that Ethan took the photo and provided lots of style input
Its been a while. The spoils of the trip have arrived... Three piece Fresco, Barba RTW shirt, Vanda Fine Clothing tie and Zegna pocket square (Photo courtesy of Ethan Desu) More to come...
May i suggest that photos taken in a restroom / toilet / bathroom / wash closet regardless of attire is NOT in good taste.
Well, i took some feed back i recieved plus the comments made and decided to emphasise the monochomaticness of my colour choices.Thanks
The back leather is sewn on, making it near impossible to put on a 183.He is wearing my watch. As for what you buy, its your own perogative. But if in house movement is your thing, here's something you may appreciate.
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