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Finding a solid gray or navy 38R at discount is hard. They are just too popular. What about a Canali from BlueFly? Can always be returned if it doesn't work out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tck13 So, if you drive drunk and something happens you don't have insurance? Well in Australia if you are over the legal limit your insurance will not pay out. Not sure what the rule are elsewhere.
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T is that in Sydney? South Perth. The driver was drunk so no insurance
7 are the same, 1 is different.
I would say he takes some liberties, as the fit is not quite as good. The ones I got back where not as tapered as the one I had sent him, also the arm hole where a little bigger (but not terrible), everything else was fine. Most of them seem ok, especially after they where washed a few times, but one of them is just too big around the chest and waist (like +6cm from the one I sent him). I would have sent it back, but the cost of alterations would not be much more then the...
I did this a month or two ago. Mailed him the shirt, along with a letter listing the fabric codes, credit card and return shipping info. Turn around time was a 3-4 weeks for 8 shirts. I had previously emailed him to get the address and let him know I was going to send.
Are you thinking of Sytem Restore? If so, go to Start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Restore. I've never used it, so I can't really help anymore than that.
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