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It's shown in Australia on New Years eve. I've watched it a couple of times, but never found it very funny.
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector A new season just started right? I saw last month where they replayed the episodes and then had a year later and how they are doing, I think all of them had digressed a little bit but were still in business. Yeah the US version started a couple of weeks ago. It's a bit different to the UK one but still enjoyable. Can't believe how bad some of the kitchens are.
Is it even real? Looks 'hacked'. Why would a Malaysian site want to block Muslims.
I work in IT and have always worn a suit for interviews unless explicitly told otherwise. Just wear something you have now. Some IT losers will unfortunately judge you for even owning a suit in the first place, let alone the quality. But in my experience you don't want to work for these types anyway. Good luck.
Yeah they are 9.5 E UK. PM's have been replied to.
SOLD! I have a pair of C&J Weymounth 9.5UK in brown for sale. Unfortunately they are to big for me, so have been sitting in my closet for the last year collecting dust. Almost new condition, only been worn 2-3 times. Include bags, spare laces and original box. The box is in poor condition are being stepped on USD$230 shipped worldwide. Tracking or insurance will be at buyers expense if required. Paypal only. Sorry for the very bad pictures, it's the...
Just want to let you know that pp@yoox is still working.
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T as soon as I saw this, I thought Full House too. +1. I'm sure I've seen worse but this one is burnt in my memory.
Well Perth is 'nice', but would not be my first choice. Here are some stuff to check out. Northbridge for night life. Fremantle. If your into wine a trip to Margret River or Swan Vally would be in order. Not much else really Pity you're coming in winter, as the beaches are very nice. Forget about doing any clothes shopping in Perth, unless you are into the surfy look.
Did you chose Perth for any particular reason? I've moved here (Perth) about 6 months ago, to be honest it's a pretty dull city and as other have pointed out a looonnnng way from anything else. If i was you I would spend the 2 weeks on the east coast of Australia, or a week in Sydney and the other week somewhere in SE Asia (or even New Zealand)
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