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Quote: Originally Posted by ajv Very well made, very warm........just love them. But be careful the way you wash them. Adrian +1 Label says to wash at 30c, washed at 40c as I normally do and they shrunk about 10% (seem to stretch out when wearing though)
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt really? I don't know anything about Perth (altho I used to visit every month or so on business, but just in and out) but always put it more in the Adelaide (my hometown) or Brisbane league of living costs. I lived in Melbourne for years, and basically consider it home, but it was a jump from Adelaide living costs for me. Perth's even higher? Be getting Sydney-ish if it's higher than Mel.. Housing costs are...
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnsNotHere I have to make a decision between staying in Sydney or moving to Perth (work related) I've never been to Perth and have heard mixed reports. Any advice? Pros / cons of both? I moved from Melbourne to Perth for work, but moved back 2 years later. Should visit before making any decision. If you like hot summers and the outdoors, you will probably enjoy yourself. In the end I left due to...
Have you tried 'Dan Murphy's' or '1st Choice Liquor Superstore'? These are the two 'big box' bottle shops in Australia. I don't live in Sydney, so can't help you on location
The penguins are only on Philip Island (about 1.5 hours drive from Melbourne) and only come onshore at dusk. I haven’t been down there for years, so not sure what else there is to do once you get there. If your interested in wildlife you could check out Hillsville Sanctuary (about an hour’s drive out of town). Queen vic market is ok, but keep in mind that it's closed on Mondays and Wednesday.
Olives Anything with an anise taste (e.g fennel or liquorice)
'Parker and Co' stock John Lobb and Church's in Perth. As you would expect the range is small and prices are high. Ordering online is the way to go if you can.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tardek How does one get on this mysterious "list"? Just buy something from them. Your details are then added to the mailing list
Saw this advertised a couple of months ago - The Duvet suit
Option 4. Shit happens - forget about it and move on.
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