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SUFU doesn't have "junior" members, but they have paying members and non-paying members. I wonder if the paying members get a credit when the site turns to a fuck bowl.
You should check out ebay for vintage Pendleton board shirts. These are the quintessential flannel plaid shirts, with loop collar and flap pockets. If you keep your eyes peeled you will find a nice 60s newish flannel for like $30 bucks.
I agree there. This does suck for you and you are not a rat. Although, I did place my order yesterday for them in Brown and I wonder if they will still honor my order.
Uhmmm am I missing something? I thought they only came in Brown (rust) and black. edit: just looked at the 1000 mile website and there are three colors. Brown, rust, and black.
Does anybody have any sizing information regarding the 1000 mile boot. I own a 8D in indies. I wear and 8 in chucks, and 8.5 in PFlyers. An 8 in my other other Alden boots. Supposedly, I am a true 8.5.
I am still trying to pull this one off. how long til we need to confirm? I just picked up the MFSC chambray shirt and I don't know if I can justify to the old lady another $200 dollar shirt. The shirts look great though.
ooohh oooh oooh. I got another one.... How about "trigger?" Lets ban that one. I have used it before, but if I have to hear someone say, "I had to pull the trigger on those PRPS impalas, because at that price point of $65 it just had to be done," I am gonna shit myself again. Let me tell you my pants are dirty these days.
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty So are you guys not familiar with irony or what? I think obliviousness to linguistic subtlety should be banned. I think overthinking stuff should be banned or maybe "adding too much meaning when it isn't deserved" should be banned also.
I spend my time on SUFU and "COP" and "Jawnz" is omnipresent. I want to shit myself everytime I see that shit. Geeky white dudes trying to be cool. Anything with a "z" at the end should be banned as well.
I am in for indigo, red, possibly a brown. What about indigo, with like a brown weft. Or maybe an unbleached weft, so sort of yellowish weft? Shirt looks nice. Also, antique wood buttons are pretty nice,... Uh, really only for the indigo colored chambray though.
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