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I have these sneakers:'marlin'_sneaker_(men):353394&cm_pla=shoes:men:sneaker&cm_ven=pricegrabber&mr:referralID=6b030d12-ec5c-11e1-b779-001b2166c62d The suede details are very slim and there isnt much nap on the suede. Can I just go in for a regular polish or should I have them do something to steer clear of polishing the suede details. I dont want to polish these myself as I...
I will be wearing a white linen square with a "T.V. fold". That wont be changing. However I am off to go buy a simple black tie. Thanks guys
Not small Polka Dots... medium sized. Wearing it with a charcoal suit and white shirt. I know that is ok but is the tie appropriate for a funeral? medium Polka Dots always seemed a little playful to me.
I like the soles... thats about it
Paying attention to details is knowing how to choose a square that compliements your outfit that doesnt match your tie precisely. Matching just exposes your lack of taste.
along with the Ralph Lauren mansion
Matching your tie to your pocket square always looks cheap
Pink shirt shirt with black medium sized polka dot tie.
Quote: Originally Posted by ellekereljer But no one has answered my question if hemming provides the clean look I am after. And is there a major difference between the two to warrent twice the price. . Original is the only way to do jeans. A regular hem is only for pants. Jeans will look completely ridiculous with a regular hem
all jeans/pants are made long to encourage getting them hemmed. I have never seen a decent brand offer multiple inseam lengths
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