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Those links are very interesting, I've never seen anything like that before. I didnt know there was a science. I put stuff together and look at it. If I like it, it works Conflicting patterns is very popular right now. That includes striped shirt with a differently-striped tie, striped shirt with an alternative pattern tie, etc etc. Plenty of people stretch the boundaries, i.e. "match by not matching". I do it from time to time and it drives my female fashion...
My tailor has instructed me that such a thing is generally not worth the time and cost involved, that basically if a coat doesnt fit me in the shoulders, I should have bought a different coat! But then again I usually buy inexpensive suits off the rack, and he knows my budget is small. The tailor that's shortened the sleeves, what do they say about the fit?
In the entertainment industry, it seems tennis shoes with suits are common. I've never been a fan of it myself. I look for any excuse I can to wear some of my favorite dress shoes, so, why tennis shoes? If I want to be more casual, I replace the suit pants with designer jeans, and keep the tie, shirt, and usually the dress shoes as well. But I digress. When I was first being schooled in contemporary "upscale urban" fashion, I was taught that a pair of K-Swiss...
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