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Quote: Originally Posted by mishon Maybe true for general public, but most SF members will notice if you are wearing a cheap suit or not; cheap shit looks cheap. There is no way around it. I cant speak for anyone else, but my goal is to look good for WOMEN, not any of the men on here And it works
The link isnt working.
Barefoot would hurt my feet. I play in socks because I learned that way, however you can play much faster and more accurately in shoes. There are special organ shoes made. I have a good friend who can play faster organ bass that I can imagine in full Timberland boots. My godmother plays in 6" heels. I think they're both crazy.
Definitely the sexiest organ shoes I've seen. When I play organ, I take my left shoe off.
Robert Wayne is one of my favorite shoe lines. They have a vast array of styles, most of the 'dress boot' or 'boot shoe' variety, and IMO are good quality for the style/price range.
I recently discovered a new brand of shoes to add to my collection, called Zota. Anyone else heard of them? They primarily cater to the current trend of pointed-toe shoes. They have a website, but the majority of styles I've purchased and seen in stores are not shown on the website. Here it is: They seem to run $50-150 depending on style and retailer. Based on my experience, the slip-on styles run one size small.
This brand sounds familiar to me. I probably have something of it in my closet, I think a linen blazer I bought at K&G. I bought whatever I like the look, fit, and price of, and I encourage others to do the same. No one can see the brand label or price tag of a suit when you're wearing it, but they can see you look good in it!
The idea of the shoes being too big is a good one, but he'd have to have some incredibly strong toes to make that sort of dent. I dont think you're being too picky, it would bother me.
I would also recommend the Kiwi polish, and always keep shoe trees in when you're not wearing them. Sounds like the polish, or small bits of finish, are flaking off. Shouldnt hurt anything as long as they still look nice, and the above options should take care of that.
I primarily travel domestically within the US. My biggest issue is the luggage limitations imposed by the airlines, i.e. two bags. I bring the largest suitcase and garment bag I can find. The garment bag carries all my suits, sportcoats, button down shirts, and ties. The suitcase carries my shoes and personal items. Sweaters, jeans, etc go in whichever bag has more room. As soon as I get to my hotel, I gut the garment bag and hang everything up. Then, I repack the...
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