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Depends on the style they're looking for. If you want something more "urban" and less "plain", the Macy's suits (did you mention them in this thread, or the other thread?) may not be what they are looking for.
No, never!
Quote: Originally Posted by cllamont If jsut one person came here and said anything substantial about Vicci Uomo, then I could appreciate it - good, bad, or indifferent. Again, did you even read what I said?
Quote: Originally Posted by marc237 As to the two posters - claimont and mt_spiffy: It is, of course, correct that one can look good in a lower-priced suit constructed of primarily polyester and rayon. Similarly, one might be able to look good in lower priced shoes (however, that is somewhat harder). However, I think you are both missing the point of the forum. This forum, at least the clothing sub-forum, is largely for discussions of clothing and...
More buttons than 3, and bold colors arent in right now, even for the most urban suits. I would probably pass.
Quote: Originally Posted by cllamont No, it is K&G. Here is the link: There is no mention of the race that is required to shop there so as far as it being "for black people", I suppose one would need to know the right name of the store first. A visit to a store may possibly help those concerned with a determination as far as race has anything to do with dressing well. Ok, why are you letting me...
Quote: Originally Posted by houserichichi Ooo lala, looks like real tiger, horsehair, and rainforest scraps. Are the soles made of wood too? What bothers me is that there is a whole subculture of people who find these things attractive. The look like painted bricks. Well those are the ones I like (should our feet not be destroying the ecosystem, too?) but did anyone take a look at the more plain styles on the Zota webpage? Those are...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac nice. do you have any more pics of your collection? Is this one a serious request? If so, I can only imagine I'll be lynched by the rest of the members should I post more pictures.
Quote: Originally Posted by upnorth mt spiffy, I like how you put up pictures of those nightmarish shoes and then place a disclaimer in your signature. I've been a member of enough web boards to anticipate what I would be getting into. The disclaimer came before I made my first post I like what I like, and the only thing subject to change that is me seeing something I like more
Quote: Originally Posted by rioni what is K&G? Think S&K for black people . . . specializing in Steve Harvey, Stacy Adams type stuff, comparatively expensive but that still makes them $75-200 for a suit, $50-100 for shoes. They also have a women's section.
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