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Quote: Originally Posted by sammywaslow Not a great photo but this navy suit had very fine red and green stripes and would always elicit favourable comments when teamed with the bold, striped Hilditch & Key shirt shown. The exception was from a girl in a bar who came up to me and said, "You know, you should never wear stripes with polka dots." If I was Oscar Wilde I would have immediately shot back something like, "Well, that statement says as much...
I couldnt tell you the labels, but I've found several genuine suede coats and blazers, and one handmade Italian suit at Goodwill all for under $10. Years ago I found a white linen 3 piece that I loved, but I outgrew it and wore it out.
I would say yes . . . at a time I had well over 100 suits, and over 50 pairs of shoes . . . I've since given quite a lot a way, sold some, and of course bought more. I probably have 100 suits and blazers combined, and about 40 pairs of shoes. Not even counting designer jeans, button-downs, ties, etc.
You guys will be overjoyed, I have contacted the manufacturer, and they are willing to sell me the shoes in bulk, for $30 a pair. So how many can I put you down for?
Maybe they have them at K&G. Sorry, couldnt resist.
Some of the Mark Nasons are definitely my style, but they're more than I'd care to spend.
Not sure how I feel about the suit, but I really love the tie pictured with it. And, to the above poster, I primarily work in gospel music, although I do R&B and hip hop as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit So your statement of working in the music industry (and live in WI), you might perhaps spend some time in a place where there is a music industry. Actually, where I live in WI is pretty much a barren wasteland for anything industry related. I do most of my industry work in DC and LA. I also travel to Minneapolis and Chicago frequently as they are close by. At home, I'm solely involved with my...
I disagree. The term was used to describe the long coats, 4+ buttons, wide pinstripes, bold colors, etc that . . . the OP would get very upset if I were to say, "black people wear to church" so I'll just say . . . "culturally diverse clothing styles". IMO, really overly bold suits went out with Puffy.
I noticed that some do look "plasticy". The ones I have, however, are leather and pony hair.
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