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I seem to recall the suburb of Arlington Heights had a number of higher end consignment shops.
Quote: Originally Posted by stylingazn Just wondering guys, how much of the following do you have? - Blank T-shirts (any colour) Probably about 10 plain, and 30 or so with designs. Quote: Originally Posted by stylingazn - Jeans Between 10-15 Quote: Originally Posted by stylingazn - Khakis Only 1 Quote: Originally Posted by stylingazn -...
Quote: Originally Posted by VMan I think those shoes would be ideal for any conservative business wardrobe. Perfectly matched with a Hickey Freeman suit. I suspect this one, too, is sarcastic. I dont know what would give me that idea.
Almost ANYTHING I wear had to grow on me at one point. There was a time I wouldnt wear brown or black shoes with anything. There was a time I would never ever wear a blazer, it was a full suit or nothing. There was a time I would never wear a patterned shirt with a suit and/or tie. My taste is constantly changing based on new things I try and see.
I always haggle at independant stores. I'll try it at major stores if I see even the most minor defect, or am spending several hundred dollars or more. OR if the item I want isn't available (in my size) but a more expensive version is. Managers ALWAYS have discretion, sometimes salespeople do too. Especially when they're paid on commission. I almost always have success. The trick is knowing when to try. When do they have discretion, and when do they actually want...
The irony is, I probably could. The city where I live only sells very conservative fashion styles, so whenever I wear something unusual, I get lots of comments and requests. But I prefer to be the only one here wearing them. You guys probably prefer it as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas She should have said "You know, unless you're Tim Robbins in a horrible 90s movie, you should never wear a 6x1 double-breasted suit." Or if you're David Letterma--- wait, nevermind.
I get them from Wallmart for $7, and the plastic ones are $3.
Getting the dimple correct relies on when you feed the fat end though the last time, before you pull it tight. Make sure it's centered.
Which shoes are "mules"? I'm not sure how I feel about the coat. I dont know any rapists or serial killers, but an even worse demographic likes them-- musicians!
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