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Quote: Originally Posted by playdohh22 Like you said. "10 years ago" Even 5 years ago. I dont know what would have changed to make pants less popular.
I dont understand why . . . 10 years ago, Goodwill was almost all suits and no blazers/orphaned jackets. Now it's drastically the other way 'round.
I've never had that happen. But i do use the Kiwi-Care wax when needed. Why do the overshoes diminsh the shine?
Quote: Originally Posted by Medvald I have used the Swims for the past three years and I am very happy with them. Yes they do not look great but my shoes look good in my office and the salt on the street does not damage them. I wouldnt pay $150 for ones that "do not look great". I'd stick with the $20 ones.
This thread makes me think of the people that would never remove their bluetooth, not even during meetings or dates. That fad is GONE. And it was always rude. I use a wired headset in the car, and a normal phone everywhere else. Call me old fashioned.
I have excessively more blazers than suits, but this wasnt always the case. I used to abhor the concept of the jacket not matching the pants. At one time, I had over 100 suits, and no blazers/sport coats at all. This was when I was primarily a church musician, and would wear a suit several times a week. As I started to play more and more professional gigs, I was made aware that suits were not appropriate attire for musicians. In most cases, the dress code was...
Wow, I didnt even look at the price. The Isotoners I linked look better than most and are $20 with shipping. Farm & Fleet has some off brand for $12. I used to buy them at WalMart for $10.
I couldnt tell you specifically. My cousin used to live right off the Arlington Heights exit, and several times visiting him I spent a day or so exploring the area. So they would have been off Arlington Heights road within a few miles of 90/94. At the time I was looking for ceiling fans, not clothes, so I didnt pay them much attention.
I've been wearing these for years, and all of my cloth, leather, reptile, suede, etc shoes still look brand new (except for the creases): I'm talking Wisconsin/Minnesota/Illinois winters.
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin While a particular type of tie may make it a little harder to make it look that way, with practice, you can make any tie look that way. True. But cheap, thinner ties will have smaller knots.
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