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I dry clean after tailoring to remove any creases, etc.
Either way I like it and would definitely have grabbed it.
I like the colors of the cream one, but the patterns are too small. Make it a pattern similar to the orange one, and I'm sold.
I usually keep them in one of the inside pockets. I also have a drawer somewhere stuffed with them randomly.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronic faster than jackets. maybe they throw out the pants b/c they're too worn out, but keep the jackets which usually show less wear. Yeah, we established that earlier in the thread. My question was, why is this the case much more frequently now than in the past?
I like the orange one.
Now how in the world is that hands free?
Quote: Originally Posted by oldog/oldtrix Because I continue to wear double breasted suits and pleated, high waisted trousers, I prefer a more retro look than even your choice provides. What I do is strap the body of a rotary dial telephone to the top of my head using an alligator belt (black with black shoes, brown with brown) with engine turned buckle (14k gold if wearing a gold watch, sterling if stainless) and allow the handset to dangle beside my...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronic pants get worn out faster? Faster than 5-10 years ago? I'm with needshoehelp.
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