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I was looking for this debate. I KNEW it had to be here somewhere. When I first learned to tie a tie, years ago, no one mentioned a dimple or taught me to look for it. But after a short while of being observant I noticed it, and for several years you would not find me in a tie without a dimple perfectly in the center. Then a couple years ago, on TV, suddenly no one's tie had a dimple any more. In GQ as well, or perhaps they never did. What in the world was going...
Narrowed? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I love fat ties.
If I can do it once, I never need the instructions again. But the only ones I've bothered to learn are the four-in-hand, the windsor, the half-windsor, and a weird half-windsor hybrid I created to get a fatter knot on shorter ties.
Quote: Originally Posted by letmebefell Pinstriped thrifted jackets are all orphans. You can make it feel more at home with jeans and a red sweater, but don't try to wear it to work. I wouldnt do a sweater. Some trendy jeans, and a button up/down of some type with the red in it. And/or a tie with the red in it. As long as the red is somewhere.
I love the colors in your closet . . . I keep the majority of my suits in plastic, I've heard both arguments, so I make sure the plastic is not sealed . . . not sure exactly what's for the best. I'll get some pictures of mine, if I can convince the woman to clear her mess out of the bottom . . . I'll never understand someone that stores clothes in piles.
I dont know about pure white, but cream, irory, light tan, etc, yes, I see it quite frequently.
Never loan out anything you wouldnt mind giving away. My brother is shorter than I, I passed him a few suits I outgrew. I loaned my best friend a tie, now he "cant locate it"
Quote: This one is a bit much for me, although I would probably still grab it!
Quote: Originally Posted by robin I only have one, and it's also fairly lonely. Perhaps we could mate the orange and purple paisley's to spawn some more paisley ties in a bastard red? Better still, you could submit it to my closet where it will have many buddies.
Goodwill here has a 7 day return policy.
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