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Getting offtopic, but I like seer.
Just my preference. Like the shoes no one here likes, in my other thread
Quote: Originally Posted by hahnb I don't like the way any jacket looks on me with jeans, it's just not my style. The only jeans I wear, for the most part, are true religion-and I wouldn't wear jeans to this restaurant. I also shy away from dress shoes with jeans, I think it looks stupid on me. It's just a rule I have. The grey pants are a darker gray, almost charcoal. As I said before, I'm not a fan of sportcoats. If I'm going to wear a jacket,...
I love a lot of these ties.
Large corporations and big box stores have taken most of the haggling out of American consumerism, since it's already a cutthroat to who can provide the lowest price. We check the ads, we call around, and we go where it's already cheapest. Smaller, privately owned retailers cant compete with these extremely small margins. Not always the case, but generally . . .
Shhhhh, I've done that before, dont tell anyone.
Quote: Originally Posted by STYLE_ADDICT I am very new around here and just getting up enough confidence to post so take my opinion for what it's worth. A tie with no jacket just doesn't work. Although, the purple tie would definitely be the choice out of what is shown if you were going to wear a jacket. It shows that you are confident and fun. In your situation I would not wear a tie unless the place you are going demands the presence of one. ...
I would try to remove the spot, and then act for a partial or full refund, depending on how successful it was. How come the suit was OUT on the way to the post office? Shouldnt it have been packed up already?
No, i'll give you my shipping address! I'll wear it! You guys will shoot me, but when I have a jacket I like that looks low and dated, I have my tailor add a third button.
I prefer my ties to have the largest, fattest knot ever. The windsor knot is the fattest I'm aware of, but it looks awfully formal, so for more casual settings I'll use a half-windsor with a few extra loops. Are there any other extremely large tie knot methods?
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