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Every tie on page 6 is extremely sexy.
Somehow I missed this entirely: Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer Just switch over to ascots already and get it over with. You know you want to. Or i could try the big rufflely things Prince wears.
I'll definitely post some pictures. They'll probably need my disclaimer just as much as anything else I post.
Mine are in a small basket on the closet shelf.
Today I bought two seer blazers and one cordoroy for $100, at a discount store.
You asked for it. My closets are horrible for two reasons: 1. Too much stuff, not enough space 2. Woman shoves all my stuff to one end to access her stuff, which is normally stored on the floor. ?!
Buy what you like. If you wear it well, no one will notice if it's dated.
He may be trying too hard, but I dont think the sentiment is wrong. Sometimes the best thing you can do to win someone over is something sweet no one else has done for them before. A dinner at a restaurant a step (or several) above what they're used to can make a very favorable impression-- "What, other guys didnt think you were worth this? Their loss!"
I tried the Balthus. My God, that's a complicated knot. I'll try the Hanover next.
Not big enough.
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