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The woman. Or the mirror.
I love love love love love my shoes! The leftmost half of the closet is stuff from years ago that I rarely wear. Also keep in mind, a lot of the boxes do not actually correspond to the shoes inside. But the Robert Wayne's, the Zota's, the Fratelli's, the Raphael's, and a few others are my pride and joy. Most of the people here dont like them. I could care less. See my shoe threads
I didnt think it did either, but there are plenty of rules of style that I dont know. Or follow.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC You're haggling. They should be rude to you. The irony was, in that store, I WASNT. I asked the salesperson if it was priced as marked, or if the price was flexible. She told me it was flexible by $10 and I left it at that. Haggling would have been me offering her $60 for the jacket.
What's the Brown post? I like your khaki jacket/jeans outfit. Myself I would wear the shirt untucked, but that's just my style. I also like how your tie is tied in the second picture, but I wouldnt wear that outfit on a date.
I still like the jacket. If you do too, dont worry if it's dated. For that matter you can always have a tailor add a third button.
Quote: Originally Posted by fatjoez Hey there Going out to town tonight. Got a new black v neck sweater but having trouble deciding what to wear underneath! I'm tossing up between A plain white t shirt or A plain, Olive Green Business Shirt I think the business shirt looks better but what do you guys think? Trying to go for an italian style look here... Formal yet casual.. Suggestions? Of your two options, I would pick...
Quote: Originally Posted by Siwash Please tuck your shirt in!!!! Depending on the shirt, the outfit, the style, and your setting, tucking your shirt in can look stuffy. Granted, the orginal poster is talking about wearing slacks and a dress shirt or a suit, so it should be given that he'd tuck. But not under all circumstances. How did the date go?
I was in three stores today. First store, they would not budge on the prices, but they were already good deals, and the salespeople were friendly, funny, and helpful. I bought three blazers. Second place came down from $89 to $65, I was pushing for $50. I ended up not getting it, it was too similar to one of the first three. I would have at $50. I would have also had I not bought the first one. Third place had a jacket I LOVED at $99, however it was a size...
Wow yours is so neat. I've always had more clothes than closet space. I started buying suits when i was still a young(er) lad, living with my parents. They gave me NO closet space. An apartment I had in Virginia was gorgeous, but also had no place to hang suits.
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