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I agree with the majority of the above. Very nice coat. Not 'business' at all, and a stretch for 'business casual' but definitely stylish. I would wear it with designer jeans and a button down.
Very good point.
I wasnt pissed. I simply choose not to buy anything when salespeople are rude to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by betterhands the only one i own is the Paul Fredrick buy-3-shirts-for-19.99-get-this-tie-for-19.99 tie: I like it!
Quote: Originally Posted by hi-val So I have this mental image of me in a tan suit. I like this image. It's been justified.
Quote: Originally Posted by cllamont I see them in the $300 - $400 range. Some look decent. Are they all made in China? I have seen them in Burlington Coat Factory next to Steve Harvey suits so make any presumption you want about that. I have not seen either make of suits in Burlington's. I would be surprised to. I like some of the newer styles of both-- the newer Steve Harvey's are less 'pimp' and more 'unique'.
Yes but they're reliant on us to stay in business. We can always go somewhere else, or refuse to buy anything. I was taught good customer service, even when the customer is rude. And I dont think asking about a price is rude. If they're willing to haggle, fine, and it can be done politely, or in fun. If they're not willing there's a way to communicate that and still allowing the customer to feel valued. Most customers want to feel as though they're in...
I would steam it from a brief distance, like 2" away. But I'm not an expert, I only know from my own personal experience.
I dont think I know how to use the timer on my camera.
Just hang it up, particularly in the bathroom if someone is showering (steam). But hang it overnight, most of the wrinkles should fall out.
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