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A while ago I took a handful of coats/blazers to the cleaners to be pressed. The majority of them came out ok, but two of the three button blazers came back with the lapels pressed like a 2 button coat, folded over the top button. I sent them back, and one came back ok, the second one came back wrong a second time. So then I had them press it right in front of me, but by that time the wrong crease was burned into it, and even when they did it right it still wouldnt lay...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku My room is the size of a normal walk-in closet. Getting married soon and my fiance and I are looking at buying a certain townhouse with his and her's walk-in closets. That will be a dream come true. For now, this is what I have to deal with: I work at Smith and Hawken, so suits are not in my general work attire. Moreso are button-down shirts and jeans/casual pants, which thusly dominate my wardrobe at the moment. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 The bride will most likely be in some kind of Vera Wang dress, not a super formal one, however. Bridesmaids will be in pale blue dresses (again, not very formal), and groomsmen are TBD -- either navy blazers and khakis or navy blue suits, probably the former. After all, it's Nantucket, so it's somewhat casual. The question is, what do I wear? I need formal enough to match the bride, but not super over the top...
I was going to post this in the "Tan Suit" thread, but I figured better to create a new one, as it is also applicable to the cream coat thread, and several other threads I've read recently. I've noticed a lot of discussion on these forums re: where to wear less conservative attire. The consesus seems to be, if it's not appropriate for business, where will you possibly wear it other than to the club or the grocery store? Which leads me to ask, does anyone else on...
Quote: Originally Posted by cvac Law school will be a drain on your finances soon enough. Skip the tan suit. For now it's an unnecessary. Use the money to invest in conservative interview clothes or save it for your books, study aids, and/or a new laptop. What's with this practical advice? We spend all our money on clothes, we dont want to hear practical advice!
I have plenty of wool and blend blazers I wear year round. I have linen and seer for summer, cordoroy, suede, and tweed for winter. But I wear what I want to wear when I want to wear it regardless of season. If I want to wear a suede blazer in the summer I can pull it off.
I've googled that jacket, and the only sites that come up only have Medium and Large. I say try the medium, at that price you're not taking that much of a loss.
Years ago dressing carefully was almost a requirement. Today you have certain cultures (and I DONT mean race) who either simply dont care, or sloppy is actually a part of the style. 50+ years ago that would have been unheard of. Perhaps that's the part that's 'idolized'.
Quote: Originally Posted by c3cubed square toed or extremely pointy and extended elf-shoes. Hey!!!!!
I agree with linen and i agree with seer (the link). A full suit can be very impressive, or either can be worn with jeans or slacks. And yes, they can be found in literally any budget. I have a full seer suit I paid $30!!!!! for brand new, although I've never worn it.
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