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No, I travel the US. I've bought shoes in LA, DC, Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, etc. Is the Fox Hills mall near the airport? If so I've bought shoes there.
I've been posting in the Men's Clothing for a short while now, as I primarily wear suits, blazers, button down/up shirts, and dress shoes. However very very few people over there like the same sort of dress shoes I do, and a couple suggested I try my luck in this forum here. So I'm going to post some of the same photos I've posted in threads over there, let me know if anyone here's on the same...
The latest round of insults, are they to the original picture (Steve Maddens), or the black/brown picture I posted for reference (no idea on the brand, plain and ugly)
I would definitely leave the pants as-is (unless they're MC Hammer baggy!)
Nice suit. The light blue works well with it, althpugh I wouldnt do as dark a tie as the guy in your picture. Most of my colored shirts are browns and blues, because they work well with almost anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by m_wave The type of people to wear this shoe are young guys who have no idea of their own style and just blindly follow what they think is cool at the time. If I keep them, then there's about to be another type of guy who wears them Funny, when I hear 'square toed', i think of the real short boxy shoes, like this: Now that shape is ugly to me.
I like it myself, so of course I want you to get it. I have a couple similar jackets, one is linen and three button but it's the same basic concepts in how you wear it. Of course none of mine have the super cool dual pocket!
I'm going to post some, probably not with these shoes. Just waiting on an a free evening to convince the woman to let me play with clothes so she can take pictures. Her current mindset is that all free evenings should be spent on her.
Edit: the post I was replying to seems to have disappeared. My response was funny, I promise.
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