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I would agree, definitely worth the money. I wonder how much one could save installing it themself.
I really like the second outfit. I dont wear sweaters with suits, but I will wear them with a blazer and jeans. Often times if I really want to layer it up, I will wear a button down, tie, sweater, and blazer with jeans. I have several Old Nazy half-zips that are excellent for this purpose. I dont have any pictures but I will take some and post them.
I picked this up because it was too cheap not too. I like the overall shape and it fits me very well, but the pockets and the color turn me off. Should I: 1. Wear it as is? 2. Dye it black and wear it? 3. Sell it/eBay/give it away? I know little or nothing about leather coats. [img]
Here are some suits I've accumulated over the years that I can no longer wear. They were either given to me, or thrift store finds. My question is, are they worth selling (here, eBay) or should I just give them away? The first one I've been told is hand-tailored italian and the last one is linen. The linen suit and the khaki colored one need to be cleaned. Here we go:
Quote: Originally Posted by letmebefell I assume that your pants fit better than the model's. The model's pants are intentional. He wants those women around him to know he's, ahem, hard at work.
My opinion is, you should look "nice". That is presentable, not sloppy, and not innappropriate. This is of course one you are accustomed to coming. I have no expectations for someone new to church, see my earlier post. Just like any profession, the better dressed you are, the more subconscious respect you command. So it may not be required for leaders in the church to wear suits and such, but it's certainly a good idea. I always dress up for rehearsals, especially...
I wear almost nothing but dress shoes and loafers with jeans. However, my style of dress shoes is not highly regarded on these forums, so I wont make any recommendations I will be posting some pictures of me wearing in the coming few days. Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Here is a quick pic of the shoes I wore with jeans the last few days. All of these work really well, especially those on the right.
I've never seen ties stored that way before. The whole layout looks classy and expensive. I guess that's the upside of IKEA: classy and expensive without actually being classy and expensive!
Quote: Originally Posted by datasupa might get a warmer reception in this thread Not funny :P
There's a shoe store on the ground floor near the entrance that sells this style of shoes, most of them overpriced. Men's stuff on the left, women's on the right. The girl that works there is GORGEOUS. I dont remember her name.
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