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The problem is the vest with lapels. That's making it a lot harder to find.
I'm looking for a very specific suit, and while it doesnt seem like it should be that hard to find, I'm at a loss for exactly where to go. Here's what I'd like: -charcoal as dark as possible without being black, either no pattern or a very subtle pattern -3 piece- vest with lapels -ticket pocket Everything else I'm flexible on, including material (synthetic is fine). I'd like to spend no more than $200 if possible. If it makes a difference, I am 42L and located in the...
I was going to update the dead picture links in the old posts, but it seems posts cannot be edited after a certain date. So, just about everything you could want to see is in my Facebook albums. Feel free.
I see a lot of the old pictures no longer work, I'll try to fix them when I get time.
Not sure why people on this forum keep claiming that.I maybe gained 10lbs over the course of the thread, and recently lost 15-- not that I needed to, I started dating a woman that cooks 3 meals a day, so no more eating out!
I usually forget about this thread after the replies die down, so if anyone wants to be kept abreast, I am on Twitter and Facebook: I dont do excessive self promotion but I do repost a lot of political stuff-- at least through Nov. 6th.
The thread was not posted for the purpose of attention seeking . . . when I first joined the forums I started a number of threads asking about brands of suits and shoes I was interested in. Most of the responses I got were "this has to be fake, no one actually dresses like this" so I started this thread to demonstrate, yes, yes I do. I only update it now once or twice a year, as it doesnt serve much purpose any more, but people seem to enjoy it. And I am evolving.
Please dont tell me this picture was already in existence.
SF has influenced but not changed me. My suits and shoes are a bit less loud-- very few have more than 3 buttons and I have a lot more solid color shoes. Everything definitely fits a lot better. But I still do the huge ties, multiple loud patterns, and I have yet to have a shirt tailored.
Here's spring/summer 2012:
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