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Quote: Originally Posted by djs488 What is the difference, if any, between new cure and cure? I wear a 31 in nudie straight sven and have thick thighs, would a 32 cure be too big, or just right? I dunno, it's hard to say. I didn't know there was a difference between cure/ new cure? I've only reckoned with new cures, new standard, rescues. ** I've reordered my APCs. Hope they go well.
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 NS aren't straight legs, they're tapered... I think the NS you have are going to stretch out more than enough if you wear them. Really? Some place sell them as tapered. I do realized that in the same waste measurement seems to be more tapered than the NS. Thanks for the info. I'm gonna pickup a true size then and see how it is. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by onion Sounds like you would prefer the APC Rescues, look em up. They are a straight leg (NS are tapered from the knee down) and are generally a looser fit overall. And I'm not so sure you'll be happy with a 33 NS. I have 31 NS (sized down 1 from my original waist size) and they barely stay on without a belt now that they are stretched out. If you sized up 1 then they probably won't stretch as much as there isn't pressure on...
Hi, Here is what I wore and my sizing. 34 - LEVIs 559 33 - NUDIE Even Steven 33 - Cheap Monday Alive and Dry I bought a 33 NS and they feel kinda gay ish, well I know and have read up all about the sizinh down and etc, but didnt' want something too slim of a fit. I exercise and lift weights but not to a point where it's bulging. Waist measurement on the 33 APC NS was great, it's just the thighs, calves feeling a bit tightish. My Nudies felt like that and have...
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