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can you folks post more cheap mondays?
For people with muscles in their thighs, I found it a bit unbearable w/ certain fits. In the pic above, that looks uncomfortable. Jaxm, If you have no choice, just tough it out. For me, I had to get my right size. I initially went with a 33, but later switched to a 34. The 34 New Standard has fit me quite well. I am sure, after the wear, it'll be comfy and carry more of a relaxed fit. But if that's your style, stick with it. WHO CARES what people say.
Quote: Originally Posted by Confurious Well the pockets are too small for my tastes and the placement is, correspondingly, too wide. I feel a majority of this would be rectified by increasing their size by about 1 1/2" in all directions. Furthermore, the balance of the upper half is skewed slightly by the inexplicable absence of a rear patch. Still, by no means a deal breaker. For the record, these do not run true to size, but rather about a size...
Any place selling cheap mondays ?
WOW. SO much nice shit here.
Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong Unless you left them out in the sun, they'll stop fading when you stop wearing them. They'll start fading again when you start wearing them. Why would you hem them again? Did you not hem them to the right length the first time? And what does the hem have to do with stretching? I hemmed them, but noticed they got a tad bit longer with more wear.
Hi Folks. I have my new standard. I wore them for like 2 months and have left them ever since. Does this risk anything in terms of the fade? I've gotten mines hemmed, but hope to rehem them after I completely break them in. Do you think I'll see more stretching overall? Thanks.
i got the NS. i wonder how much they stretch behind my calves and thighs. the flat front has widened along w/ the waste. i am fat no doubt.
Just tagging along. Thanks.
Thanks. I'm primarily interested in manik, just to try. Looking @ old thread now.
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