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i got the NS. i wonder how much they stretch behind my calves and thighs. the flat front has widened along w/ the waste. i am fat no doubt.
Just tagging along. Thanks.
Thanks. I'm primarily interested in manik, just to try. Looking @ old thread now.
Looking for suggestion on gray denim. Raw, but if so where to buy. Been trying to find manik gray denim in regular fit. Btw how do they fit? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by papercut Hey guys, i've done my work on APCs but i'm still unsure over which size to get. I went to a local brick and mortar shop to try and sizes 26 and 27 APC NEW CURE. I couldn't do any buttons at all for the size 26 and had much difficulty even wearing them on. I had to pull it up like hell. For the size 27, i could do like a button or two(i can't remember) but it was still tight. I prefer the size 26's fit, but...
Quote: Originally Posted by Clench Million Dude. Go back and exchange them for a 33. Raw APC's will stretch like hell. They will stretch everywhere that pressure is put, including the thighs. The best fit for me is probably a true size 35 pair of pants (meaning normally a 34). I'm wearing a pair of 31 apcs. The waist is a tad tight, but the thighs and everywhere else are fine. Go down at least a size below what yuo can fit into in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by djs488 What is the difference, if any, between new cure and cure? I wear a 31 in nudie straight sven and have thick thighs, would a 32 cure be too big, or just right? I dunno, it's hard to say. I didn't know there was a difference between cure/ new cure? I've only reckoned with new cures, new standard, rescues. ** I've reordered my APCs. Hope they go well.
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 NS aren't straight legs, they're tapered... I think the NS you have are going to stretch out more than enough if you wear them. Really? Some place sell them as tapered. I do realized that in the same waste measurement seems to be more tapered than the NS. Thanks for the info. I'm gonna pickup a true size then and see how it is. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by onion Sounds like you would prefer the APC Rescues, look em up. They are a straight leg (NS are tapered from the knee down) and are generally a looser fit overall. And I'm not so sure you'll be happy with a 33 NS. I have 31 NS (sized down 1 from my original waist size) and they barely stay on without a belt now that they are stretched out. If you sized up 1 then they probably won't stretch as much as there isn't pressure on...
Hi, Here is what I wore and my sizing. 34 - LEVIs 559 33 - NUDIE Even Steven 33 - Cheap Monday Alive and Dry I bought a 33 NS and they feel kinda gay ish, well I know and have read up all about the sizinh down and etc, but didnt' want something too slim of a fit. I exercise and lift weights but not to a point where it's bulging. Waist measurement on the 33 APC NS was great, it's just the thighs, calves feeling a bit tightish. My Nudies felt like that and have...
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