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I wanted to repost and ask people about nice, comfy socks? Sorry if I missed it. I spend a lot of time on my feet, and have been looking for something that doesn't leave a PRINT on my calves.
any quality socks available? keke wanting to buy something comfy ! for my feet.
Quote: Originally Posted by epilepc Hi guys, my prom date is wearing red D; what should I wear with a black suit to match? red vest and red tie? white vest/tie, red pocket square... silver vest/tie, red pocket square... I really don't know :\\ Any help in pulling this off would be appreciated! Thanks guys. (also what difference from 100% wool does a wool/silk blend make? is it worse/better, warmer/cooler..) What's the shade of red? IMHO, I...
Quote: Originally Posted by SirGrotius What kind of price range are you looking at? Keep in mind good shoes are a must in a work environment. Check out Allen Edmonds as a start. You can find them on sale here & there. They're good quality, made in usa, and have a variety of styles. Honestly, something just comfortable. Because I need the comfort for my feet. I want to feel/see a difference, as opposed to paying a premium for a brand. I'll...
Any body know of a place that ships to USA and make quality/comfortable shoes? Thanks. Lots of the links are dead on first page.
Hello, I have been trying to find a pair of quality dress shoes for work. Black ones. A lot of the shoes at typical retailers are Made in China & sold under a particular brand. Frankly speaking, some of them tear apart in months, some actually hurt my feet. Is there something of quality, that lasts long and most of all has the comfort? I remember shoes use to be made of quality and the leather/material would hold up well. I don't really care for brands, but I...
where can u buy ?
where can i buy cheap monday?
Do Cheap Mondays Raw fade? - I want to buy Cheap Monday, pleas help. Where do they carry, Cheap Monday in raw denim?
n e stuff for denim?
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