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What nudie cut is comparable to EVEN STEVEN? I found this cut to look the best on me, and most of all, very comfortable. I sized down 1 and everything was perfect. No excessive stacking, no excessive cuff, no need to even hem. But I realized that they do not have this cut. I am not sure how to describe it, but from what I gather this is a straight leg w/ minimal taper? Thanks!
Does blue owl give discounts to STYLE members/
where do u guys buy socks that are comfy? please let me know. looking for like grey/green combo, black, dark colors, and most of all comfy ones.
im looking to buy comfortable and styleish socks w/o breaking the bank. i've looked all over, but need some help. a lot of them leave mearks around my calve cuz they are too tight. i am husky as i play sports.
anybody know where i can buy some of tehse ?
it says it doesn't ship to USA. any help? thanks.
How about the length.
Yes, the site changed so much. What happened to the affiliates?
I am wanting to find some quality socks that's breathable. I cannto find the sponsor links as they are dead? More so, where an I look?
any more socks? looking for htem.
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