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where do u guys buy socks that are comfy? please let me know. looking for like grey/green combo, black, dark colors, and most of all comfy ones.
im looking to buy comfortable and styleish socks w/o breaking the bank. i've looked all over, but need some help. a lot of them leave mearks around my calve cuz they are too tight. i am husky as i play sports.
anybody know where i can buy some of tehse ?
it says it doesn't ship to USA. any help? thanks.
How about the length.
Yes, the site changed so much. What happened to the affiliates?
I am wanting to find some quality socks that's breathable. I cannto find the sponsor links as they are dead? More so, where an I look?
any more socks? looking for htem.
also, where can I look for some comfortable and quality socks? been looking all around but some sites are from the UK and im having some issues. thansk
What happened to the sponsors section? More so, I was trying to find the belt thread section. My pant waist is 34 and most slacks I wear 34, so what size should I go by? Do I ususally buy 2 sizes up?
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