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any discounts? thanks. wanna try some and see if its good.
are there any discounts? the site seems to be down?
any other? how about gucci? thanks.
thanks. yeah that came up through google. but was just curious if the intl community could chime in a bit. thanks!
Hi, I was curious if the crowd here could suggest any legitimate shop for some Armani Collezioni dress shirts? I've checked the armani.com site but didn't like what was available. Any places internationally willing to ship to US ? thanks
What nudie cut is comparable to EVEN STEVEN? I found this cut to look the best on me, and most of all, very comfortable. I sized down 1 and everything was perfect. No excessive stacking, no excessive cuff, no need to even hem. But I realized that they do not have this cut. I am not sure how to describe it, but from what I gather this is a straight leg w/ minimal taper? Thanks!
Does blue owl give discounts to STYLE members/
where do u guys buy socks that are comfy? please let me know. looking for like grey/green combo, black, dark colors, and most of all comfy ones.
im looking to buy comfortable and styleish socks w/o breaking the bank. i've looked all over, but need some help. a lot of them leave mearks around my calve cuz they are too tight. i am husky as i play sports.
anybody know where i can buy some of tehse ?
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