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I got the 15 1/2 and they fit good, still a teeny bit roomy by my regards. Still, it's great to finally buy a polo shirt. I'm looking forward to the black label though. I think 15 3/4 would be perfect for me though if I had to wear a tie.
anybody know if emporior dress shirts are made in italy? its kind of disappointing that their shirts for the collezoni is now made in tunisa.
Thanks. I'm not skinny either as I work out, but I've had some EURO labeled 15 1/2 SLIM FITS fit VERY SLIM. LOLWould a sz 16 neck be better? I don't have much local shops carrying the black label, but I'll see how these regular 15 1/2 polos fit. 15 3/4 would be perfect, but not too many brands carry this size.I can't wait. Thank you for looking out on the black labels. I'll keep check this thread and what not.There's something about a nice fitting dress shirt. You get...
The thing is, I hate baggie looks and the 15 1/2 is perfect in length and everything. Only thing is, I can't wear a tie with as the collar is a TEENY on the tighter size. I hope these polo/ralph lauren brands aren't like that, but I've heard the regular fit (classic fit) were roomier to begin with. So I'll see. I ordered some 15 1/2 and will see how they fit. Thanks.
how do you time the sales? do u just check the site? i figured its summer/spring so they'll put the long sleeve stuff on sale?
how about black label dress shirts? i normally wear a 15 1/2 slim fit calvin klein and was curious if i can get by w/ the same. i normally wear sz M dress shirts too. thanks.
any discounts? thanks. wanna try some and see if its good.
are there any discounts? the site seems to be down?
any other? how about gucci? thanks.
thanks. yeah that came up through google. but was just curious if the intl community could chime in a bit. thanks!
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