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i can' wait to get my first pair of N&F lolz. anybody have any idea where i can get the hemps?
is that the one in your picture?i have a pair of straights and got my true size. they actually fit somewhat perfect sort to speak. lol, but im planning on wearing them out before i take the plunge w/ another pair.i like very very minimal taper, most jeans don't seem to have this.
I like how this brand gives you a variety of shades, and color schemes. Is there a way to confirm which ones are raw/indigo dyed? I figured a majority of them are all suitable for fades, but some washes/colors/dyes look suspect.
Anybody have guidance or pics of the Skinny Guy. Are all skinny guys the same? Thanks.
did they stretch out a lot?
Hello, I got a pair of straights which fit perfectly, although the inseam is a bit long. I was wondering if these stretch out ? They fit perfectly, so I might wear them casually. Any body have pics of slim/straight fits? Any specials going on? Thanks
If I buy a pair, is the chain stitching done prior to me receiving it? I've been looking at this brand and finally found this thread. Are there any specials running around? I'm concerned about the fit.
is the denim worth getting/
Any specials going on? I haven't seen. Would like to know when you folks will restock inventory.
one last bump? lolz
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