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I am debating on going from a 33 SKINNY GUY into a 33 WEIRD GUY. I did think about going to a 34 SKINNY GUY, but I don't know if this denim stretches too much or too little? Any body can give me some help? My 33 SKINNY GUY w/ a 9.75" RISE was a bit too tight for me, like skin tight. I feel like I'm more of a WEIRD GUY though, but I don't want a relaxed look. I want minimal taper. Btw, what to do w/ old denim? Thanks.
i did just that.nudie has the grim as tighter than the slim jims in terms of fit, but their comparison looks off. the grim does look like it has more thigh space and tapers. The measurements are very close, so i was curious to know if anyone could validate.
My understanding is that the SLIM JIM Is slightly looser than the GRIM TIM right? Anybody got pictures?
anybody w/ updated dirty fade pics?
does anyone know if this is correct from tight to loose: skinny guy -> slim guy -> weird guy ? thanks
I have never sized down to something that's completely as challenging as this. LOLZ The rise is what threw me off, but the SKINNY GUY is the slimmest right? It's rather skin hugging, but I'll play and hope it'll stretch out, and give good fades. Thing is, I'm worried about it busting. lolz. i got the same waist as I normally do, but this pair can't seem to close!
i hope so, i think the skinny guy model is just a bit tight on me, but im not gonna just give up on them lolz.I hope they do stretch out though.The rise is deffinitely diff't.
I got my pair of SG< and man are they tight. THe fly area is a bit shorter. I dunno if I should keep it. I did 33x32 w/ nudies and they stretched out fine, with this SG pair, I"m not sure. Should I try break it in or just try sell it? Damn.
do u know what's the difference between chain and hemming?
where is that thread?
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