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That's the thing, I know denim stretches, but how much is another thing in itself.
Do you know the rise on this?I h ad a pair of NS in TTS, and was planning on either to size down in the NS, or pick up the PS. I like a slight taper look, but nothing like the new cures.Thanks.
do u know which retailer sell these then?
anybody know of upcoming specials?
Wait. Do NS have slight tapers?
anybody can suggest a retailer that's running discounts and or hemming services?
i'll bite, if u can dump it real cheap or get it hemmed again?
looking for NS, but where are the specials? thanks!
The Skinny guy rise on mines reads 9.75
THANKS!Would you mind telling me where you got?I wonder if there's a big different between skinny guys though. I know there's a difference, you have measurement?
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