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Wait. Do NS have slight tapers?
anybody can suggest a retailer that's running discounts and or hemming services?
i'll bite, if u can dump it real cheap or get it hemmed again?
do u know when you folks will get the heady duty unbranded?
looking for NS, but where are the specials? thanks!
The Skinny guy rise on mines reads 9.75
THANKS!Would you mind telling me where you got?I wonder if there's a big different between skinny guys though. I know there's a difference, you have measurement?
I am debating on going from a 33 SKINNY GUY into a 33 WEIRD GUY. I did think about going to a 34 SKINNY GUY, but I don't know if this denim stretches too much or too little? Any body can give me some help? My 33 SKINNY GUY w/ a 9.75" RISE was a bit too tight for me, like skin tight. I feel like I'm more of a WEIRD GUY though, but I don't want a relaxed look. I want minimal taper. Btw, what to do w/ old denim? Thanks.
i did just that.nudie has the grim as tighter than the slim jims in terms of fit, but their comparison looks off. the grim does look like it has more thigh space and tapers. The measurements are very close, so i was curious to know if anyone could validate.
My understanding is that the SLIM JIM Is slightly looser than the GRIM TIM right? Anybody got pictures?
New Posts  All Forums: