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I was wondering about the cutting for this, can someone show me what's skinniest to loosest? I got the skinny guy and was looking to just go slightly roomier. Would a bigger mid rise help? Would the slim guy but too loose? Thanks. I prefer slight taper.
Hello, I had a coupon email on a next purchase, many months ago, and can't seem to find the email from Jay. But are they running any specials? THanks
That's the thing, I know denim stretches, but how much is another thing in itself.
Do you know the rise on this?I h ad a pair of NS in TTS, and was planning on either to size down in the NS, or pick up the PS. I like a slight taper look, but nothing like the new cures.Thanks.
do u know which retailer sell these then?
anybody know of upcoming specials?
Wait. Do NS have slight tapers?
anybody can suggest a retailer that's running discounts and or hemming services?
i'll bite, if u can dump it real cheap or get it hemmed again?
do u know when you folks will get the heady duty unbranded?
New Posts  All Forums: