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The truth is, denim will stretch, and though washing gives the illusion it has shrank, it will go and stretch put again. I am surprised ur APC stretched that much. I sized 1 down on NS and will wear it and see how it goes. I dont really wear much as i havent hemmed them yet.
I see. Why? The rise is my biggest issue with the skinny guy. Well, most of it is gone now. WG seems too baggy for me.
i.would like to know as well. how to buy for.sp cheap
what happened to the slim guy fits? i cant seem.to find it anymore. most models are.wf
I was wondering about the cutting for this, can someone show me what's skinniest to loosest? I got the skinny guy and was looking to just go slightly roomier. Would a bigger mid rise help? Would the slim guy but too loose? Thanks. I prefer slight taper.
Hello, I had a coupon email on a next purchase, many months ago, and can't seem to find the email from Jay. But are they running any specials? THanks
That's the thing, I know denim stretches, but how much is another thing in itself.
Do you know the rise on this?I h ad a pair of NS in TTS, and was planning on either to size down in the NS, or pick up the PS. I like a slight taper look, but nothing like the new cures.Thanks.
do u know which retailer sell these then?
anybody know of upcoming specials?
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