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Quote: Originally Posted by evor1 only reason ive ever replaced clothing was because i just dont wear it anymore. whether style changed or what not. never because it got too worn out. Well, I've had a ton of socks, underwear, shoes and t-shirts have to be replaced due to wear... but otherwise I agree.
bdiddy: Sweater does indeed have the white around the cuffs. aronik: Well, the reason I'm selling is because the hat doesn't fit. I can post some more photos later though.
more price drops
took five dollars off most of the above
some price drops
just make sure to spread the dog vomit around on the jeans so they get an even color
Quote: Originally Posted by ClareQuilty Do all A.P.C. jeans have button flies? I fear the answer is yes. If so, what are some other brands with zip flies that have a similar aesthetic (read: minimalist, no gaudy stitching on back pockets)? almost all the good ones have button flies. You get used to them quickly.
no, because I'm lazy
Some things I would like to get out of the closet. I take paypal and have a 100% ebay rating. All prices are for continental USA. Feel free to ask me for any measurements. 1. Uniqlo Gray Moleskin Jacket Tagged a size large, but I think it fits closer to a medium. Pit to pit = 21 inches. About 32 inches from top of collar down the back. This is a great casual jacket and I would prefer to keep it, but it was given as a present and doesn't fit well, especially as I've...
If the suit was listed as a 44L in the posting and nothing was mentioned of the tailoring, then yeah I guess I'd say that is the seller's fault.
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