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I have a Shirt business for sale ' Equipement inventory customer base if" you can handel it" I am willing to help the "set up" Freddy Vandecasteele
There is a lot of misinformation here . Fabrics come in all kind of density regardless if it is " Popelin Broadcloth" "Oxford" ,"Pin point" " Royal" and so on even Twills come in different thickens and density When a fabric is so densely woven it loses airiness. You want something that is airy Voile is what you need ,Good voile as very hight twisted stands witch make is more breathable. I do not sell fabrics but I make shirts, In the last few mouths I lost my two main...
Those Guys behave like in a kindergaden Very hard to say who is correct They show you a picture here and there, Make your point show a picture of a full garment And the " Forum " will evaluade To much bad hand work for me. Freddy Vandecasteele
Yes I can help you. My new location is 13437 Ventura Bl # 209 Sherman Oaks CA 91423 Phone 818-385-1072 Please note that I am closed until the 17th Also fnvdc@aol.com Everybody is welcome Freddy Vandecasteele
Thank you, Freddy Vandecasteele
Very well done. Where are you located? I gladly give you info if you need Freddy
Thank you for your reply I my self work alone and have no sister or cousins that I have not to pay I am sure your guy makes a very fine shirt I can only comment of what you are posting What I see on the forums , Naples and hand work gives you a free passage I liked all the pictures you posted of the hand work,some looked very messy. but that is the what hand work is also even after pressing it does not look very clean. We all shirtmakers all over the world are trying...
Very interesting thread You say that it takes this maker 30 hours, and that he charges 120 Euros. By my calculation that is 4 Euros an hour, That makes no sense. I like that you include a partial picture of you wearing the shirt, In my opinion the colar does not fit well it looks to thight , and even with a soft collar you should not have an indet on top of the collar. It takes me 7 hours to make a machine shirt it should not take more than 10 hour to make the shirt you...
I just reread all of this thread, and I have my preferences, but there are so many combinations,that it is not easy to make a general statement. It all depend what your options are,some times there is only one. Me as a single shirtmaker I have 6 options for sewn in linings and about 5 for fused . Also for the my default top collar is a combination of the two processes . I will never fuse the band and almost never fuse the fabric of the top collar, but I use fuse a ...
I understand this is not for the online customers If you find a guy who is doing the work and you know is price structure, Let him do is work and go from there. Me as a maker I never like to see a well fitting shirt " if it fits well go back there" The first time you go to an artisan let him do his craft Do not bring your previous problems Most of the outfits that tell you to bring a well fiting garment are just not sure of what they are doing. Freddy Vandecasteele
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