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I just closed my business and I have left over assorted buttons Mainly size 18 shirt front and size 16 Collar and sleeve placket I have some nice trocas buttons in 2.2mm thick 25$ a gross (144) and 3.5mm 35$ a grss I have some autralian MOP size 18 and 16 3.5mm thick 1.00$ each Thank you Freddy Vandecasteele
Buying a shirt, is not rocket science You can spend days on this forums trying to educate yourself What is nice, if you have the opportunity to feel the fabric ,that should be your guide. Diferent weaves is more personnal taste, Counts means money. Go in stores pick there brains, Most do not know what tey are taking about What is inportant is the fit This is not a cheap endeavor but it could be very rewarding Good luck And Happyt New Year Freddy Vandecasteele
Sorry you lost your source. Who was the shirtmaker? Can you buy your patern? What is your price range? Many questions, to give you help If made on the premise is important to you, Your options are very restricted. You are in an aerea where you have options/ Good luckon your shearch If you are looking for hand work made in the US There is only one Freddy Vandecasteele
I am a shirtmaker that is closing is business. I have left over stock that I like to sell Super buttons "Gritti" The AK Buttons at 1.5$ each size18 about 70 left more stock That I am selling at Hughe discount I have fabrics linning and everithing else Freddy Vandecasteele
I mabe in the wrong forum.Just for shirtmakers I have well adjuted Patren for about 200 customers I am selling them as an individual base or a lump group 1000$ for everything or 100$ per pattern. This is my clientele what I am selling would be with my recomendations Freddy Vandecasteele
I have a Shirt business for sale ' Equipement inventory customer base if" you can handel it" I am willing to help the "set up" Freddy Vandecasteele
There is a lot of misinformation here . Fabrics come in all kind of density regardless if it is " Popelin Broadcloth" "Oxford" ,"Pin point" " Royal" and so on even Twills come in different thickens and density When a fabric is so densely woven it loses airiness. You want something that is airy Voile is what you need ,Good voile as very hight twisted stands witch make is more breathable. I do not sell fabrics but I make shirts, In the last few mouths I lost my two main...
Those Guys behave like in a kindergaden Very hard to say who is correct They show you a picture here and there, Make your point show a picture of a full garment And the " Forum " will evaluade To much bad hand work for me. Freddy Vandecasteele
Yes I can help you. My new location is 13437 Ventura Bl # 209 Sherman Oaks CA 91423 Phone 818-385-1072 Please note that I am closed until the 17th Also Everybody is welcome Freddy Vandecasteele
Thank you, Freddy Vandecasteele
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