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Thank you for sharing, Dannefalk. Looks promising so far.Definitely interested in knowing more about AW Bauer and your experience with them.
Interesting background stories about the trade indeed.It is especially great to hear and see all those young people willing to learn the craft again
Last year, no? I think it's rather 4.500 GBP now.
Thank you for sharing your experience, very interesting indeed.Re: shirts. Mr. O'Flynn is very friendly and helpful as others have mentioned already. However, he has been very busy lately since he's also used by others (e.g. a SR company). Due to that I have experienced quite some errors like wrong fit, wrong collars, wrong cuffs, too short etc, even though everything was written down and even though I had sent a reminder with all details by mail. Also, prices have gone...
Hi, the bag was made by a Danish leather smith called Claus Broe. He focusses on his product, there is no merchandising, no branding, no logo. The product should speak for itself.As there are no seams, the leather will break in and the bag will loose shape a little. So you get another kind of expression compared to a British briefcase.As mentioned when I posted the pics a few years ago, the bag is a shoulder bag, but you can fold the strap and hold the bag as a briefcase....
A brown tie, yes. An olive tie definitely too, as it is muted green and lies in between the rust and the dark green. That could for example be combined with a blue-white pin stripe shirt or a tattersall shirt.
I was at Graham Browne's today and commissioned a pair of trousers. I mentioned some other projects and Russell showed interest for all of them. "We do everything", he said. There is something "no nonsense" and a straight forward stance over this tailor in the centre of London. They do the cutting on spot, which is interesting to see. In the big houses you make an appointment, get a warm welcome with one or two cups of tea, discuss things thoroughly, sometimes you will be...
Great project, thank you for sharing
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast This programme's conclusion was really about the aesthetic/emotional meaning of a perfect suit, not its execution. If that interests you - it certainly is why I personally like clothes - then you'll probably enjoy watching this one. Thanks for the feedback. Actually, producer Alastair Sooke had an article about his documentary in The Telegraph today:
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