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@exfalso "This is exactly what I ordered for my custom popover shirt -- no pockets, clean back and soft full-spread collar. It's been a month, so I think it should be done sooner or later." Please post pics when it arrives! Thanks
People do. Should they is a very different story.
Hoorays for popovers. @spiermackay I think you should do linen and linen cotton popovers too. (I'd like them slim or very slim with no pocket and button down collars or extreme spread collars, but I'll take any popover I can get.) summertime is perfect no tie weather and I like my popovers without ties.
Hurray! Any word on pricing?
I enjoyed the past looks. Keep them coming!!
Simon, any VdR still available?
I really like number two (the DB). Also, I like the looks you've been posting.
Those are some seriously tall cuffs. Are they over 2"?
Extreme spread here.
@upr_crust I liked the mix of smile/forbidding. Either way you look like a Duke, or an Earl, whichever is better.
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