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wow, i´m in. only discovered the thread today, but did no purchase in the last 5 days, so i guess, still ok if i join.
ah, the unlined chukka. grim, do you happen to own it? have you changed anything in sizing due to it being unlined? Maybe a stupid question, because C&J must have had the gain in inside-diameter in mind, but anyways. You never know...
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade A shame about the scarring on the sides though. very nice colour. + i like the scar...
+1 on the Wembley + add me on the Malton list. What sizes do you get there? Seldom you see a burgundy C&J. I like it very much. How does the 360 compare to say 341&348 in fitting? Similar?
I would try lavender. Dont´know about the US, but here in Old Europe you can get small lavender bags in department stores/drugstores. And, of course, i would put them outside and let the wind do some work. Maybe hang them outside in a dry, but windy place.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Interesting. I find jopuhr more dandy than chelsea. YMMV agreed on that. and i own both.
chelsea=youth chukka=old man (and youth )
voted for chelsea. chukka would be another dress shoe derivative (to my eye, this is strictly subjective) whereas a chelsea is more versatile (but not so dressy...). i am in search of another boot/chelsea for a while now. what do you have in mind?
why not buy both? you seem to have sold one according to your sig. . jodhpur on the one hand and suede on the other. variatio delectat
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz The shape of the shoes are too tipsy. I can only imagine wearing theses boots when I gather with my interwebz friends to play Wizards.[/quote] Don´t understand your problem with the boots, guys. Where is the difference between those and gdl´s vass? Besides the austerity thing on the vass´ and the side gussets thing on the other ones...
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