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oh, no thanks. this is too fashion forward to my taste/testes. what is more shitty about this get-up? the shoes or the haircut? or the things under his eyes i dont know the english name of? tear-sack? he is way too old for dressing like a puberting adolescent boy. his beard is getting grey. but i am pretty sure he gets compliments and is pretty confident.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I'm afraid so you only put me on the loser list because they were discounted. pah! . . . come on! it is running shoes! who the hell would classify them actually as _clothing_ besides the trainer wearing fraction... but well, until next month.
bought a pair of running shoes -discounted- for running purposes only. am i out, then?
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Selborne. PS: without, this time. Looks like a variation of the Wesbourne. thanks. The 360 seems like a pointier version of the 341. I like.
this is a medallion i actually really like. unlike the medallion on the 358-shoe (dont recall the name), which looks like a p3nis. what is the size on those? T
now, this i call beefy leather!! very nice!
k, thanks.
what is "Chav"?
i love the 341. great last. great shoes.
out for 30 bucks...lame!!
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