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bought a pair of running shoes -discounted- for running purposes only. am i out, then?
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Selborne. PS: without, this time. Looks like a variation of the Wesbourne. thanks. The 360 seems like a pointier version of the 341. I like.
this is a medallion i actually really like. unlike the medallion on the 358-shoe (dont recall the name), which looks like a p3nis. what is the size on those? T
now, this i call beefy leather!! very nice!
k, thanks.
what is "Chav"?
i love the 341. great last. great shoes.
out for 30 bucks...lame!!
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria C. is already too pimpin' for a physician. So, he might as well throw in the towel. - B yes you are right. as i wrote the above i was particularly thinking of his croco-shoes. Holdfast, i still remember...which means i won´t forget. epic.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser I believe there may be a "business necessity" exception if you provide evidence that the item you are purchasing (1) is replacing an item that is no longer usable, and (2) is the best possible item for your purposes. Can we get a ruling? Well, it says NO PURCHASE CLUB. This means NO PURCHASE. If you want a "just-replacing-an-item-that-is-no-longer-usable-and-the-best-item-for-xy-purposes-club" then...
New Posts  All Forums: