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Quote: Originally Posted by Smahatma *note: the inventory check was before I asked for a price match alright, this would vote against my theory.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Clark - please PM me. I've contacted ThinRedLine on your behalf and something nice may be coming your way. Thanks again! now this i call a nice move!! keep us updated!! Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi i always figure that with a PSA like this, someone's bound to be disappointed. i figure that besides the people who've posted in this thread, there are at least 100x the lurkers...
the "problem" with pediwear and their price pledge is, that they will sell the shoes at a loss, compared to their site-stated price. so they won´t sell the shoes they have in stock at the moment a customer will buy shoes at a price-pledge price. imagine, you buy them at a deep discount compared to the retail prices. they receive the customer´s order and then first check their own stock and if low (1 pair) they check availability at c&j (for example) and then estimate...
wow, they look great. given the price they are...speechless. ... on a sidenote: i bet he worked for tricker´s.
Quote: Originally Posted by harry2quinn +1. May I suggest a thrift-store-okay pool? I might be able to stay away from major purchases, but I don't think I can keep away from thrift/consignment stores! no way! that would have kept me in this month! go hard or go home!
Quote: Originally Posted by indy116 I should be on there with a * for making it through March. Would undershirts or boxers kick me out? Workout clothes? i failed last month, because i bought running shoes...so at least workout clothes are working you outta the club...
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade It's Alfred Sargent, according to Bengal Stripe. alright, thanks! they are stiff as fcuk...
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade That single brass nail (in the To Boot pic above) is a hallmark of somebody's, but I can't remember who... cheaney, barker, grenson? who else is left i forgot? nice whitehalls btw, grim. you own the connaught as well, i think? could you compare the lasts? the 330 of the whitehall always appears a bit wider on pictures.
oh it must have been made for the us market, the label on the inner sole says "to boot - new york". but the medallion looks different.
Quote: Originally Posted by kischi Sargent has a double row of nails. I Think it's CJ. no, c&j have the wedgy rubber part on the heel sole plus the single nail is on the opposite site of the heel. and they have two lined inside writing. can anyone with loake shoes check their sole and report? thanks in advance.
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