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you know rs232, this is quite a helpful answer.
Quote: Originally Posted by CatsEyes .. favourite pairs of shoes. ... these bloody creatures ALWAYS know, what you do like best and destroy particularly this one first.
you have to leave it wet! and while it is wet, put cat litter into the shoes! (fill them up with the litter and let it soak!) i will edit my answer when i found out the translation for another material i once used stay tuned. this is first aid, but good aid edit: was too easy...clay! in germany we have cat litter from clay (it is kind of white-greyish clay though...hmh...). i once had the cat piss problem with a leather bag...ouch...i used clay cat came...
i think the following link will lead you to the original manufacturer of the shoes you originally posted. as for the shoe itself i dont think it is ugly...the colour...yes. i agree with the haters: no! you might consider the Red Wing Iron Ranger (random google link) as well. Calm down now, guys. you help no one, when puking in other´s threads.
Quote: Originally Posted by jimmyoneill OP, I must reiterate, please do not waste your money with Mulberry. Quote: Originally Posted by Avebury ... If you consider Hardy, contact their factory shop or the company - they may have some British made ones left in stock. I use mine for fishing. As for Mulberry i have gotten my hands on a couple of vintage pieces - women´s hand bags it were - they were of quite nice...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Sounds nice. ... Navy is pretty niche and doubt it could became a "standard" color for an SF boot thanks. I know, blue might be difficult. But on the other hand, those who will consider to order the boot...i think their footwear-wardrobe might have covered all the other colours. And blue...come goes with everything and it is NOT black. This would be the one special shoe....
i can´t even participate, but i like the idea... input taken from gdl´s vass austerity brogue boot: (picture courtesy of gdl) i would suggest the above boot with an oxford lacing, speed hooks for the last 3 holes, the HAF sole tiger mentioned. as for the colour i think midnight blue is the one of choice. or a very dark dark burgundy. T
packing my case and folding up some shirts. i took the chance to take a picture. neither are pressed because they get wrinkled in the case anyways. [IMG][/IMG]
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo This thread makes me lulz. +1. mafoofan, Do you sign autographs?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Hey, you're welcome! Enjoy those shoes. guys, this is great!!
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